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  • Wow, what happened! Last week (2010/06/22) the site stats jumped in one day to 79,567 page views, and 1262 downloads! I did not expect that, at all. Seems like all you great people at Reddit are responsible for this! :D
  • So for today we have version 2.0
    • First of all, we jumped from version 1 to 2, because numerically, two is greater than one - This is a significant indication that this new version is one higher than the previous.
    • This release contains terrifying advanced functionality: Select which tracking action method to use for tracking the IP address of the killer. Two preset values 'ping' and 'tracert' are included; you can enter your own tool as well - Killers... Beware!
  • If you are a GNU/Linux, then well... you wouldn't need a GUI to track the killer's IP address, am I right? - This GUI is for those who don't have a GNU/Linux, or did a BCS and don't have such fantastic tools to catch killers.
  • I'd like to remind you that this project source is available under the Source Code section. Fork It and let me know if you want to add some real bad-ass functionality to catch even more killers.
  • And one last bullet point before I close off this update.

Go catch 'em killers, cowboy!

A GUI interface using Visual Basic to track an IP Address


why is this?
You don't really need a GUI Interface to track an IP Address, but that's what the General Oppinion suggests. This application meets those demands nicely.

does it really do this?
Yes. This is a GUI application created using Visual Basic, that uses the PING command to track the killer's entered IP/domain name. Very advanced techniques are used to ensure the best possible experience, like showing hex output, flashy images, and success/failure counters.

see more
To see more great action shots, go to Screen Shots

runtime requirements
  • .Net Framework 2, you most likely have this already, ready to go!
  • click Downloads to get the win32 binary executable

or if you want to compile the code yourself:

compiling requirements
  • Visual Basic for Visual Studio 2005 or above. It should upgrade and compile fine in 2008 or 2010 too
  • The Source Code section has the latest files, happy compiling!

are you a developer?
grab the source code and hack some new features, you're welcome to! :-D

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